Safe Contact

Safe Contact teaches safe tackling techniques that emphasizes making contact with the chest and front shoulder and not the head. It emphasizes a blocking technique that stresses making primary contact with the hands.

North Surrey Minor Football adheres to the Safe Contact policies put forth by Football Canada and Football BC at all levels.

Safe Contact Football CanadaThere are inherent risks of injury in a contact sport like tackle football.

It is essential that all coaches are well schooled in the proper techniques of tackling and blocking and in conducting both tackling and blocking drills. Every coach has the responsibility to be able to properly teach tackling and blocking and to conduct that training in a safe and progressive manner according to the experience and capabilities of his/her athletes. Every player on a team must be able to tackle and block correctly.

As part of Football Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) every coach must complete this Module and demonstrate during the Formal On-site Observation his/her competency in conducting contact safely as part of the National Coaching Certification Program.

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Coaching Safe Contact Video Series from Football Canada

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Safe Contact Videos from Football BC

Unit 1 – Reasons to Teach Safe Contact
Unit 2 – Bad Tackling Technique
Unit 3 – The Positions, Hitting Position
Unit 4 – Warm Up
Unit 5 – Dynamic Stretch
Unit 6 – Foot Work & Speed
Unit 7 – Approaching the Tackle

Seattle Seahawks Head Coach, Pete Carroll tackles a serious issue with instructional video

Seahawks tackling videoNOTE: This method is not sanctioned or authorized by Football Canada or Football BC. It only shows that Safe Contact is taken seriously in all levels of football right up to the NFL.

Looking for a way to help the sport of football with the issue of players leading with their head when tackling, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has made an instructional video that has been embraced by the NFL and is being sent to high school and youth programs around the country.